Equine Veterinary Vision, Inc. offers ambulatory services in both Maryland and Virginia.  Ambulatory services are generally restricted to 25 miles of driving from Gaithersburg, MD or The Plains, VA.  We also offer appointments at the Piedmont Equine Practice in The Plains, VA, Monocacy Equine in Dickerson, MD and Damascus Equine in Damascus, MD.  Regular appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday with  bimonthly Saturday availability. Urgent or emergency appointments are available as needed.  

What to expect at your appointment: 
-First time appointments are about 1 hour and recheck appointments 1/2 hour.
-Sedation and eyelid blocks are sometimes needed to perform a proper examination.
-We will communicate with your regular veterinarian and will often have your veterinarian complete recheck examinations.  
-The cost for a first time examination is $250 plus a trip fee of $125-150 or clinic fee $50-90; sedation, eyelid blocks and medications are additional.  Most first time examinations cost $375-450. Recheck examinations are $150 plus a trip and/or clinic fee.  Payment is expected at the time of services and we do not take credit card payments at this time.