Consultations & Treatments in the Field:
-Ocular &Peri-Orbital Injuries
-Corneal Ulcerations (indolent, bacterial & fungal)
-Equine Recurrent Uveitis
-Keratitis (viral, immune-mediated, eosinophilic)
-Retinal & Optic Nerve Disease
-Tumors of the Eye & Eyelids
-Vision & Behavioral Issues
-Pre-Purchase Exams
-Equine Eye Registration Foundation (EERF) Exams

Additional Services at Piedmont Equine Practice:
-Ocular Ultrasound
-Skull Radiographs

Ophthalmic Surgical Services: 
-Eyelid Injury Repair
-Corneal Laceration & Perforation Repair
-Corneal Grafting (conjunctival and amnion)
-Corneal Transplant
-Treatment or Removal of Ocular & Eyelid Tumors
-Laser & Implant Surgeries for Glaucoma
-Laser Treatment of Uveal Cysts
-Cyclosporine Implant Surgery for Recurrent Uveitis
-Enucleation, Orbital Prosthetic & Intraocular Prosthetic

Many surgical services are best performed under general anesthesia but in special cases, cooperative horses can have surgery under standing sedation. We aim to provide state of the art anesthesia protocols and surgical monitoring with all procedures.